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"Improving Quality Year" in 2012

Author:  Airee Outdoor Products Co., Ltd.

AIREE achieved great success in 2011 through the hard work and joint efforts of entire members of the company. However, facing more intensive market competition in 2012, we will certainly encounter more difficulties and challenges. In order to protect the hard-earned quality credibility, so as to guarantee the long-term development, AIREE top management decides to carry out “Improving Quality Year” in 2012.

1. To improve the quality consciousness
All staff of AIREE should take part in the activities of “Improving Quality Year”. We should have an awareness of the intensive competition in garden furniture market. “Quality is life”. It is hoped that all staff of AIREE should participate in this program, and dedicate ourselves in the improvement of quality of AIREE’s products. 

2. Top management supporting
The top management of all business units should take quality for the top priority, and provide full support for the program of “Improving Quality Year”. Sufficient resources including personnel, financial and others should be made available for the activities. For those teams or persons who have excellent performances during the year, the management should issue awards accordingly to show the value from the company and top management. People from the management should also participate in the activities themselves to lead the quality improvement for their business units and departments.

3. With all staff
Each employee has the responsibility for improving the quality of our products. There are many activities in “Improving Quality Year”, including the innovation of quality management, the quality methodology training, the quiz of quality knowledge, the operational skill competition. It is required that every person in AIREE should take part in these activities. 

We believe that, in the joint efforts of the whole staff, product quality and quality management will be continuously improved in the year 2012, and the competitiveness will be enhanced as well. Let’s hand and hand together and construct another glorious 10 years. Let both domestic and international markets select and trust “Made by Airee” always.