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Be Smart Buying from China

Author:  Airee Outdoor Products Co., Ltd.
Customers always want highest quality and lowest price. But it’s really hard to make them two achieved. Usually, customers can pay lowest price, but cannot receive highest quality eventually.

From our experience with business on over 260 sub-categories of product in the past years, almost every kind of products has different price levels and different quality levels. Nevertheless, Airee strives to provide quality products to meet the needs of our customers.

We hear a lot of stories from our customers that they suffer from problems and product in poor quality when they do business with some other suppliers. It’s been a predeterminate result that customers would receive unsatisfying quality since the moment they place the order at a price unsatisfying the supplier.

How to minimize the risk, worry or headache? Here are some suggestions or tips from Airee.

1. Try to think reasonable & realistic. Price means nothing if you have no idea of the factory status and product quality. Always seeking for lowest price is probably not the best choice. To survive and compete, some suppliers have to quote very low price, but this always leads them to going all out to reduce their costs. The unavoidable result is to lower the quality level of their product and aftersales service as well.

2. Before order release, visit the factory yourself or arrange someone else to perform a factory audit. It always means headaches or loses if you choose an unqualified supplier to work with.

3. Before mass production, ask some samples for approval, and release detailed standards & requirements to the supplier.

4. Never believe easily that your supplier will make high quality product for you, no matter how low the price level is. Something may happen during the manufacturing and relevant processes.

All in all, be smart and precautious, work with the qualified supplier and get quality control of your product, and then you will receive high quality product and service from your supplier.